Thursday, 25 August 2011


I found this, I think its brilliant!! 

The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock) - Alternate Ending - Paper Poster

It ties in with what I like and my own style of work I can appreciate the effort that would have gone into this it must of took ages!

Marie O'Connor

Marie O'Connor is part of Peepshow Collective, I have always been a fan of them, they are just fantastic! Great mix of styles.

I'm fond of these pieces by Marie O'Connor, I like their simplicity. I like the collective nature of just makes me want to collect more bits and bobs!!

I LOVE hanging things!!! 

I like the depth created in this piece, it reminds me of the scenes I try to create regarding layers.

I need to carry on collecting!!


I am back after a long break!!........

Summer holidays have been a busy time, being a working mum, and I've not had much time for design work.  I am itching to get started with creating!

I am currently researching for inspiration and things that may spark off ideas for my major project that I will be completing in my third and final year at university. Although I know what I want to do I just need subject matter.

I have started reading a book called 'Murderers I Have Known' written by Marina Warner for more ideas. 

I will let you know what I think of the book when I've finished reading it!