Friday, 24 February 2012

Progression with my Final Major Project!

I am so very excited about FMP now! We've had 7 weeks on it already but feel like I've been at idea's stage a bit too long so I've thrown myself into creating today! I'm still sticking with the original idea, (of illustrating the fairytale 'The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle'), but I have slightly altered it... But maybe some things should be a surprise so I won't tell all! I will be documenting my progression through my blog anyway so if interested just take a look! 

I've started creating the elements of the story today and I feel like I have lots of ideas! I am not simply illustrating the actual story, I am creating the elements or things that I may relate to the story, and I am putting them altogether. I am concentrating on the shapes and details of my elements, this is because I tend to focus a lot on shadow in my work, and it will be playing a big part in this project. 

In the story the old lady wishes for a row house so I have researched terraced houses and started by sketching them, and paying attention to any small detail that will add something special to my paper cut outs. 

I don't want my cut outs to be too complicated, it's all about shape and creating shadows. I think maybe slightly simpler shapes will work best as I will be displaying lots of hanging paper cuts together. 

Quite simple shapes but will create great shadows! I've added beaded detail because I want the light reflecting off shiny bits and bobs when inside the tent.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bookbinding workshop with Lucy Wilson

Today I took part in a book binding workshop with Lucy Wilson. Lucy has made some fantastic books, she pays close attention to detail which really adds quality. There were books with ribbons, big books, tiny books, all sorts, but the thing I liked about them the most was the stitching.

 Here is a collection of her books that she brought in to show us:

We started by choosing our paper and folding it in half, these were to be the cover and pages. We measured our card and pierced holes where we would be attaching the pages together. Once getting to grips with sewing my pages together it was fine, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Once the pages were all tightly bound together we added glue to the spine to reinforce it, and then put in on a book shelf under some heavy books until it had dried.

I have experimented with book binding for a previous project, but I had no idea on the stitching and I found it really helpful learning from Lucy. I would definitely try this in my spare time and hopefully get good at it! There are many other techniques which Lucy spoke about that I could try but I have a feeling it will take a lot of practice to become as good as her! 

Here's my finished book!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rapport Events Blog

I'm very excited to get a mention on Rapport Events blog after my meeting with them on Thursday! Really encouraging to have nice things said about your work!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Old Woman Who Lives in a Vinegar Bottle

I've started creating cut outs for my 'tent'

This is quite small and not big enough for a tent, I am going to scan my cutouts into Illustrator and trace them, so they are ready for laser cutting! This means my elements can be much bigger! I may decide to use a different material such as perspex or thicker card. I will get much better shadows, and it's good practice because I am interested in window displays and I will have to work huge for this!  

Portfolio visit with Rapport Events

Today I had a portfolio viewing with Chris Platt and Paul Rose at Rapport Events; they are an events company, based in Manchester's Northern Quarter, who are always looking for new ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and got some great positive feedback on my work! I showed them my portfolio, handmade book and my paper cutouts (which I keep safely in a little box)! 

I spoke to them about my plans for my Final Major Project and the fact that I am experimenting on a larger scale, almost an installation I suppose. They seemed very excited about my 'tent' idea and we discussed what I could do with regards to shadows and lighting. Both the guys told me they could see potential within my work, and talked about me collaborating on a project with them! 

We discussed the options for my work, maybe making a stop frame animation out of it, or filming one of my pieces rather than just taking a simple photograph. This is very exciting and would benefit me hugely to have the opportunity to work with them. Also I feel this is the next step for me to experiment with different techniques, and it would be great to have their experience and skills to make this happen and learn from them. 

Even if my work isn't used it will still be great for my portfolio, and great to have the experience of working with people in industry. They were very friendly guys too, and really enthusiastic which is very encouraging! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Visit to Lord Whitney

Recently I have been arranging portfolio visits with artists that I love to show my work and see what they think! Also to ask questions about industry and hopefully find a way forward instead of just fumbling around in the dark! I'm realising how important making connections is and how it can lead onto things.

I was so excited to have a chat with Lord Whitney on Friday. I met the girls in Leeds at a studio. I was welcomed by Bek and Amy and they took me into the 'Not So Bored Room' which they had designed. I loved it in there, it was not what I expected at all (after being greeted in a warehouse type space). There was jars and bits to look at, and lots of wood! I think I liked it because it relates to this idea I have about wanting people to experience or interact with my work, rather than just looking at a photograph of my set in a flat form. I was welcomed in and they kindly made me a cup of tea while they looked over my portfolio.

Both Bek and Amy were very encouraging about my work, and I feel I came away with some great advice with regards to self promotion (business cards), and enhancing my portfolio. I explained problems I face with executing my work with regards to photography, and that I worry about not having access to the photographic studio once I leave uni, the girls said they had same problem and gave me tips on how to accomplish things at home (this includes a white sheet for the back-drop, lamps and a digital camera)! They were very reassuring and encouraging, I really did find talking to them very helpful and inspiring. 

After the meeting I felt very happy with their comments about my work, and really inspired to crack on with things. I got quite a few ideas from things we spoke about and I am very excited to create now. Thanks Bek and Amy! 

I'm so relieved to have my mojo back!! I am so excited about Final Major Project and am happy making again! Here's a little peek at what I am working on, I hope you like! 

Friday, 3 February 2012

My very own website!

I am very happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of my very own website! It is currently still under construction which shouldn't take long to sort out!