Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bookbinding workshop with Lucy Wilson

Today I took part in a book binding workshop with Lucy Wilson. Lucy has made some fantastic books, she pays close attention to detail which really adds quality. There were books with ribbons, big books, tiny books, all sorts, but the thing I liked about them the most was the stitching.

 Here is a collection of her books that she brought in to show us:

We started by choosing our paper and folding it in half, these were to be the cover and pages. We measured our card and pierced holes where we would be attaching the pages together. Once getting to grips with sewing my pages together it was fine, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Once the pages were all tightly bound together we added glue to the spine to reinforce it, and then put in on a book shelf under some heavy books until it had dried.

I have experimented with book binding for a previous project, but I had no idea on the stitching and I found it really helpful learning from Lucy. I would definitely try this in my spare time and hopefully get good at it! There are many other techniques which Lucy spoke about that I could try but I have a feeling it will take a lot of practice to become as good as her! 

Here's my finished book!

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