Thursday, 16 February 2012

Portfolio visit with Rapport Events

Today I had a portfolio viewing with Chris Platt and Paul Rose at Rapport Events; they are an events company, based in Manchester's Northern Quarter, who are always looking for new ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and got some great positive feedback on my work! I showed them my portfolio, handmade book and my paper cutouts (which I keep safely in a little box)! 

I spoke to them about my plans for my Final Major Project and the fact that I am experimenting on a larger scale, almost an installation I suppose. They seemed very excited about my 'tent' idea and we discussed what I could do with regards to shadows and lighting. Both the guys told me they could see potential within my work, and talked about me collaborating on a project with them! 

We discussed the options for my work, maybe making a stop frame animation out of it, or filming one of my pieces rather than just taking a simple photograph. This is very exciting and would benefit me hugely to have the opportunity to work with them. Also I feel this is the next step for me to experiment with different techniques, and it would be great to have their experience and skills to make this happen and learn from them. 

Even if my work isn't used it will still be great for my portfolio, and great to have the experience of working with people in industry. They were very friendly guys too, and really enthusiastic which is very encouraging! 

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