Friday, 24 February 2012

Progression with my Final Major Project!

I am so very excited about FMP now! We've had 7 weeks on it already but feel like I've been at idea's stage a bit too long so I've thrown myself into creating today! I'm still sticking with the original idea, (of illustrating the fairytale 'The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle'), but I have slightly altered it... But maybe some things should be a surprise so I won't tell all! I will be documenting my progression through my blog anyway so if interested just take a look! 

I've started creating the elements of the story today and I feel like I have lots of ideas! I am not simply illustrating the actual story, I am creating the elements or things that I may relate to the story, and I am putting them altogether. I am concentrating on the shapes and details of my elements, this is because I tend to focus a lot on shadow in my work, and it will be playing a big part in this project. 

In the story the old lady wishes for a row house so I have researched terraced houses and started by sketching them, and paying attention to any small detail that will add something special to my paper cut outs. 

I don't want my cut outs to be too complicated, it's all about shape and creating shadows. I think maybe slightly simpler shapes will work best as I will be displaying lots of hanging paper cuts together. 

Quite simple shapes but will create great shadows! I've added beaded detail because I want the light reflecting off shiny bits and bobs when inside the tent.

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