Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Visit to Lord Whitney

Recently I have been arranging portfolio visits with artists that I love to show my work and see what they think! Also to ask questions about industry and hopefully find a way forward instead of just fumbling around in the dark! I'm realising how important making connections is and how it can lead onto things.

I was so excited to have a chat with Lord Whitney on Friday. I met the girls in Leeds at a studio. I was welcomed by Bek and Amy and they took me into the 'Not So Bored Room' which they had designed. I loved it in there, it was not what I expected at all (after being greeted in a warehouse type space). There was jars and bits to look at, and lots of wood! I think I liked it because it relates to this idea I have about wanting people to experience or interact with my work, rather than just looking at a photograph of my set in a flat form. I was welcomed in and they kindly made me a cup of tea while they looked over my portfolio.

Both Bek and Amy were very encouraging about my work, and I feel I came away with some great advice with regards to self promotion (business cards), and enhancing my portfolio. I explained problems I face with executing my work with regards to photography, and that I worry about not having access to the photographic studio once I leave uni, the girls said they had same problem and gave me tips on how to accomplish things at home (this includes a white sheet for the back-drop, lamps and a digital camera)! They were very reassuring and encouraging, I really did find talking to them very helpful and inspiring. 

After the meeting I felt very happy with their comments about my work, and really inspired to crack on with things. I got quite a few ideas from things we spoke about and I am very excited to create now. Thanks Bek and Amy! 

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