Thursday, 11 November 2010

Association of Illustrators: Business Masterclass with Jenny Bowers and Garry Parsons.

Last night I rushed down to London after uni to attend a Business Masterclass featuring Jenny Bowers and Garry Parsons. They are both very successful illustrators who I have admired from a far for quite a while! 

The main purpose of the Masterclass was to get advice and tips on how to find work and progress as an illustrator. Advice was given about working freelance and also in a group. I came away with a better understanding of how industry works. I found it very helpful and inspiring! 

Jenny Bowers

Jenny Bowers and myself.

Jenny Bowers is part of 'Peep Show Collective' who do some very cool design work, including animations. They are a group of 10 illustrators working together but all contributing their own style. Here is some of Jenny Bowers work.

Jenny's works are fun and playful, they have a childlike innocence to them.

Garry Parsons

Garry Parsons and myself.

Garry Parsons is a freelance illustrator (and a very funny guy)!! He does editorial work (newspaper's and magazine's), and also children's books. Garry has two very different syles of work, he adapts to suit the client. 

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  1. How would you describe Garry Parsons illustrative style in 'There's an Ouch in my Pouch'? I'm writing an essay about it! :)