Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Wellspring Project (current brief)

At the moment we are designing a newspaper for 'The Wellspring Project', which is a charity based in Stockport that helps homeless people. 
We have all been designated a particular page to design with specifications.

I have been given the back page which has to display the charity name, contact details of the charity, logos, plus fitting imagery of my choice.

I brainstormed homelessness and relating subjects, and the one thing that says home to me is a teapot! There's nothing like getting in and putting the kettle on.

I started drawing teapots and considered technique, and I've chosen to use the same technique as in my previous project where I hand cut elements and suspended them before photographing the whole image.

This is my teapot cut from card and decorated with beads, pearls and sequins that are hand stitched on. There is a subtle link to Stockport in my design which is the cut out arches; they represent the huge viaduct that runs through the town. Some homeless people are known to sleep underneath this so I felt it appropriate and relevant. 

Hope you like!

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