Friday, 4 March 2011

Wellspring project progress!

I spent most of yesterday in the photographic studio setting up my design for the back cover of the newspaper we are making.

I used a 'cove' with wooden dowels placed across the top to suspend my elements from. I fiddled with my piece for absolutely ages to get the right composition...good job I have patience!! Then I took photographs with sufficient lighting, here is the outcome! 

The requirements for this brief is that it has to be in black and white (newspaper), I think my design works well with this limitation; the type is legible and the detail I put into my design can be seen, adding interest.

I still have a little more type to add, as required, which will be computer generated type as a small contrast to the hand generated type that is already on the image. I also have two logos to consider.

I will upload the final back cover once I have added the above!

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