Friday, 7 October 2011

Making of my Zine

To create one of my pages for my Zine I made a set of a forest!

To do this I used cardboard...and lots of it! I cut trees and a little cardboard house complete with light inside. Cute! I added my own hand made fairy lights that I made using coloured tissue paper and cotton. It's fiddly and time consuming but worth it for the end result! I only wish it could be seen in its 3D state as its hard to capture the magic with a camera (when you're an amateur)!

I am definitely going to continue with this method of working, I enjoy the delicacy of it and the fact that i can set it up and change bits around easily by hand. I am able to take pictures and then rearrange my elements and shoot again.
 It's really nice to see the set in the photographic studio in the darkness all lit up, I am thinking of taking some footage next time.

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