Sunday, 29 January 2012

Portfolio visit with Hattie Newman

On Friday I visited Hattie Newman at her studio in London to show her my work and take any advice that she could give me about industry. Hattie was lovely, and we had a chat over a cup of tea while she looked at my work. 

I loved being in the studio space and could really see myself working professionally in that environment. There was lovely bits to look at, and books and magazines everywhere, I found it really inspiring.

I have loved Hattie's work ever since I discovered it, and felt it was important to get advice from her as we work in a similar way. I really found the meeting helpful and got tips on how to  get into industry; Hattie said she started out by assisting other artists and eventually she started getting her own jobs. This is definitely something I am prepared to do, and to get experience and an insight into how industry works would be a great advantage. 

 I wanted to know how an illustrator should price their work, Hattie told me that she charges a day rate and advises clients how long she thinks she will need to complete the job. I guess the one real worry I have is the money with this job as it's not steady pay, and I need security as I have a child and a house to run, but if you are good enough and try very hard you can be successful! I won't let this put me off! 

There was a few questions I asked about technique because I want to explore working in 3D, and Hattie does this beautifully. Hattie told me what materials she uses which includes foam board along with a range of other things. I am going to keep practicing and creating, I really feel I need more work in my portfolio, and I'm ready to create! Hattie said that she grew a lot more after finishing uni so hopefully this may happen with me!  

I asked a few questions about how Hattie pitches for jobs, she told me that she would make a mock up of one element to show. I think if I ever have to do a pitch I will do this and accompany it with sketches and maybe previous work just demonstrate my style.

After meeting Hattie I feel really inspired to keep my dream alive and focus on what I want; which is to be a successful illustrator! 

Thanks Hattie :)

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