Monday, 16 May 2011

8x8 Project Final Outcomes

I nearly lost the will to live today!!..after previously losing my images for this project (due to a faulty pen drive), I then dropped the box containing all my cut outs this morning, on the way to the studio for re-shooting, and nearly cried as I watched them floating in the biggest puddle of doom!!!!

So I sat in my car sulking as I dried them all using my car heaters!!..which took forever! Then I ran a quick iron over them in the print room, and they were as good as new! 

It took me a good three hours to set up my scene and shoot, but finally, I have my images!! 

Above is my full page illustration.

I wanted to depict an African scene with the natives rejoicing as they do at the end of the story. It seems after all their hardship they are still very happy people, the cut out hearts represent this. There are serious issues raised in the story but I wanted my image to be quite light hearted and focus on the people and not the issues.

I chose a certain colour palette relating to descriptions in the story, such as the red dust. I wanted to keep basic shapes and a naivety about my piece, my influences came from the African flags, and other African books which gave me a sense of place. 

Above is my spot image.

In the story there is a little boy who's mother has passed away and his father is suffering from AIDS. The head teacher from his school is making a home visit and takes one of the British helpers along. It is very sad to read how poorly his father is and the conditions which they are living in. The boy makes Red Bush Tea which is what i decided to display in my image along with shoes which are also talked about quite a bit in the story. The tea represents home, warmth and caring. The shoes represent the people.

I continued with the same colour palette.

I hope you like!

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