Sunday, 15 May 2011

8x8 Project

My current project 8x8 is a publication which will bring together eight short stories by creative writing students from Manchester Metropolitan University and design talent from Stockport College.

The book is being published and will feature at Didsbury Arts Festival, which is a high profile national event. 

Each person in my class has been allocated a story to illustrate, but with there being only eight stories and a lot more students this meant we were competing against each other to win the chance of having our work published. We had to present our ideas to our tutor and the guy from Man Met and then the decision was to be made about who would get the job!

I was very nervous while we were waiting for the decision as i was under prepared due to being poorly for 2 weeks and had also missed the briefing, so I felt behind. I was overwhelmed to find out that my idea had been chosen and my work will be published in the book!! I really am very happy!! 

I am sticking with my method of cutting shapes, suspending them and then photographing the outcome. I started this process, took lots of shots and unfortunately lost my work..terrible!!!
But I have a week until deadline so I am back in the studio tomorrow morning to set up again and re-take my images! This is a good opportunity not to be missed!! Luckily with the way I work I have all my elements cut out and they are physical pieces so I can easily set it all up again and photograph, and it gives me the opportunity to improve anything that i wasn't happy with before!

The story I have been allocated is entitled 'Shine in Your Corner' by Jennifer Guilliard. It's a story set in Africa portraying some of the struggles that people face on a day to day basis. It describes the red dust of the earth and the people rejoicing, but also their struggles, I am trying to combine all of this into 2 images.

My inspiration for this project has mainly been African flags! Some are absolutely gorgeous with such lovely shapes. Quite naive and colourful, almost childlike. I love them! 

I borrowed a book from the library showing a variety of African flags of the Fante, they are just delightful!! Lovely stitching and shapes! I want this naivety in my work. I want a feel of the African spirit, to represent a sense of place but still sensitive to the story while showing the peoples courage at the same time.

I will update with my shots once they are taken, and my final will be up very very soon! 

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