Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I wish I'd done this!!

If there was one piece of work that I wish was mine, it would be the stunning installation that I have posted above by Kirsten Hassenfeld. It is entitled "Dans La Lune" which roughly translates into "daydream" or "daydreaming" in French. I think the title is very appropriate.

  Hassenfeld has an obsession with paper which I can relate to, however she pushes boundaries and her work really is quite exquisite. It's amazing how someone can create something so beautiful out of just paper and a few bits of tape and glue to hold it together. Her designs are elegant and dramatic, and her use of lighting just enhances how spectacular they really are. Hassenfeld can make paper take on different forms, she can make it appear shiny like china, she turns paper into shapes that suggest everything from cut glass to natural rock crystals. Her installations are so delicate and pretty, I would love to go and see her work, I imagine it has a really calming atmosphere about it almost dream-like. The lighting element creates a soft glow at the centre of each piece, making them appear lantern-like and dreamy.

Dans La Lune contains the biggest objects Hassenfeld has ever made. Structures four to eight feet in diameter hang like gigantic droplets. These huge droplets are embellished with beads, chains, gem-like crystals and a whole load of other surprises. I adore all these elements! It is just my taste!

 Above are a few close ups of Hassenfeld's installation, they are really quite extraordinary! It is hard to believe that anybody could create something so ornate out of paper, the most ordinary of materials. After looking closely it is easy to see how obsessively detailed the objects are, they reference luxury goods, classical architecture and decorative arts. I really wonder how long such a work of art takes to create, the detail amazes me. Even the pony in the picture above is made to look like lace, under the gazebo with the elegant lady. Hassenfeld clearly has a fascination with the beauty or adornment. These obsessively crafted objects create a world of decorative excess. It is almost like a 'wonderland', a place to escape to. It reminds me of fairy tales.

Hassenfeld has played around with scale which is something I would like to do in my own work in the future as my own style progresses. By lighting her installations they appear more dramatic and it creates a mood or a feeling.  

It is obvious to see that Hassenfeld is extremely talented in creating these painstaking installations. It obviously takes a lot of time, skill and patience to create such works. I chose to look at Kirsten Hassenfeld's work as I felt I could relate to it even though her stuff is at the other end of the spectrum to mine! I aspire to be as good one day! I am thinking of moving my own work forward and experimenting with such techniques, and I am considering this for my personal project that we will be doing in our final year of university. If i did chose to experiment with this method it would be on a much smaller scale and I'd have to try things out as I currently cut 2D shapes out of paper, which I then compose by suspending to create a 'scene', and then I photograph to get my outcome. Maybe moving towards 3D is the next step for me!   

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