Friday, 4 May 2012

Hopes, Fears and Opportunites

Where do I start?!! We were asked to write this post by our tutors as part of our course, and  I suppose it makes you think and have a little mini plan! You need to know where you're going if you want to get there right?!!

My hopes, I have many, my first is obviously to be successful in what I do. My dream is to be a freelance Illustrator working in my own studio space (which I now have)! I would love to be involved in a range of different aspects of design from creating images for editorial/books, and also working on events creating three dimensional works. I'd love to be creating window displays...Harrods would be a dream! I want to keep my options open and as a girl that needs to be kept on my toes, I would like to be involved in lots of different projects to keep it exciting and fresh. 

I have studied for five years as a single parent and it's been tough at times but I'm still going! It's good practice for the real world and the pressures I'm sure industry will throw my way, so I will embrace this challenge! I want to make my son proud and provide a good life for him, that's my drive.

My fears are really time management. As a creative I tend to be slightly disorganised which is a pain but something I'm concentrating on! I think it comes with the nature of artists. Also having huge responsibilities can be quite draining and I worry I will not be able to give my career everything I know I can because my son comes first. Hopefully I can find a happy medium, I'm not the first working mum after all! I just need to learn the balance, they should really write a manual for this!! I also worry that if I work freelance I will not have a steady source of income, again with having to provide for someone this is slightly worrying! 

At the moment I have two work experience placements, one is with Lord Whitney working on an event called Spellbound Forest which is taking place at Delemere Forest in a couple of weeks. I will be assisting to dress the forest for the event with the creatives, it will be a great experience as I am very interested in this sort of work for my future. So exciting! In return I will receive tickets so I can take my small person along and enjoy the weekend with him! My second work experience placement is for an event called 'The First Cut' which is taking place in Manchester and will be exhibiting artists from all over the world who specialise in creating art using paper! Right up my street. I am helping two artists but I will blog after the event about that. 

For now it's all about networking, creating, trying hard and looking forward. I am very ambitious and believe that if you want to achieve something you can. What you put in is exactly what you get out!

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