Sunday, 6 May 2012

Jill Calder Lecture

A couple of weeks ago Illustrator Jill Calder visited us to give us a talk about working in industry. Jill is a successful Commercial Artist, working mainly using ink and drawing. 

The first piece of advice Jill gave us was not to let people mess you around with money and getting paid, Jill experienced this at the start of her career. We will be providing a service to people, it's a business, Jill said to make sure people do not take advantage!

Jill used to self promote by setting up meetings for portfolio viewings, but she has agents now. I'm sure she said she is represented by two or three agents, Central Illustration Agent (CIA) and Friend and Johnson Photography and Illustration. Jill has an agent in America who has her portfolio to show to clients for her. Jill spoke about design and layouts of portfolio and advised to make it individual and unique so it's remembered. Jill also has her portfolio on her iPad and takes it to meetings, she said it's great because if someone likes your work you can literally click and email them your portfolio straight away.

Jill went on to talk about her method and the importance of drawing and learning the shapes of things. Jill draws when she's out, she observes location and people in her sketchbook, which she says is good for going back and looking at for reference. Sometimes Jill uses google images for reference (as we all do), it's better to draw whilst looking at the real thing but this is not always possible. 

I really enjoyed the talk, Jill was very funny and her work is inspiring!

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