Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Some of my old work!

I have decided to display some of my previous work, I hope you like!

These two pieces were for a book cover. The book was entitled 'Nights at the Circus' by Angela Carter.
I used a mixture of collage, photocopy and print making. I made these in my first year at college four years ago!

Above is the title page.

Another college project (at ND level): to reinvent 'Old Spice'. We were asked to design three posters that linked, and made 'Old Spice' appealing again! I decided to link mine with words that tell a very short story. All the type and imagery I hand-cut using a scalpel, the background is ink.

This project was to design a poster for an arts festival in Liverpool. I researched Liverpool, I visited it and found it very industrialised hence my choice of medium, (lead pencil) the bursts of colour represent the hope for Liverpool as things improve with all the redevelopments that seemed to be taking place.

For 'Counter' project we had to design a magazine cover with contents page and editorial, it had to be in the style of a guest editor..I chose Luke Best. 
The front cover below displays the ends of colouring pencils. It's fun and playful. 

I really struggled with type at this stage and I had just started  studying ND Graphic design at college when I made these pieces, so it was all new to me. I have learnt a lot and my style has progressed now. I have more old work to upload which I will do very soon.

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  1. Aaaaah Old Spice... the start of something special I believe :)