Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Zine Project

My current project is to design and create a 'zine'. This will be self published! We were given the opportunity to choose our own subject matter, which can be a bit daunting but at the same time exciting!

I decided to start with days out that my son and I enjoy together, and thought of depicting little sets of the places we visit. We regularly visit Formby Beach and Forest, which has been the inspiration for my zine. It evolved into a little story about us walking through the forest, and my son collecting bits and bobs in his bucket as we venture through the trees. Amongst these things we find a key, which unlocks a magical little house with lovely things inside!

I have four pages ready to show now whilst the final pages to the end of the story need a little tweaking and then they are ready to be posted. Unfortunately I have fallen a little behind with this project due to being unwell which irritates me...a lot! 

Ideally I would of liked to create every page using the cut out technique, combined with photography, that I have become accustomed to but unfortunately this was not possible due to time constraints and not being allocated enough time in the photographic studio. I have created my other pages using collage and I'm quite pleased with them although they are not very challenging. I have used my 3D set image as my main image which will be mid-way through the zine amongst the collages, and I am hoping it will fit in nicely and mix it up a bit! 

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