Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Zine Project

My current project is to design and create a 'zine'. This will be self published! We were given the opportunity to choose our own subject matter, which can be a bit daunting but at the same time exciting!

I decided to start with days out that my son and I enjoy together, and thought of depicting little sets of the places we visit. We regularly visit Formby Beach and Forest, which has been the inspiration for my zine. It evolved into a little story about us walking through the forest, and my son collecting bits and bobs in his bucket as we venture through the trees. Amongst these things we find a key, which unlocks a magical little house with lovely things inside!

I have four pages ready to show now whilst the final pages to the end of the story need a little tweaking and then they are ready to be posted. Unfortunately I have fallen a little behind with this project due to being unwell which irritates me...a lot! 

Ideally I would of liked to create every page using the cut out technique, combined with photography, that I have become accustomed to but unfortunately this was not possible due to time constraints and not being allocated enough time in the photographic studio. I have created my other pages using collage and I'm quite pleased with them although they are not very challenging. I have used my 3D set image as my main image which will be mid-way through the zine amongst the collages, and I am hoping it will fit in nicely and mix it up a bit! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Owen Glidersleeve

Another artist that I found who is into paper cutting is Owen Glidersleeve! Love his use of colour. His work has a simplicity to it, some very nice pieces that are a feast for my eyes! 

The jumper above is made from berries, pine needles and christmas cake!

To see more of his work visit his website

Monday, 12 September 2011

Hattie Newman

I came across the work of Hattie Newman today whilst doing some research for my current project; which is to produce my own publication.

I want to produce a little book illustrating lovely outings I share with my little boy. We often take trips to Formby beach where there is sand dunes leading down to a lovely flat, sandy beach. We often go climbing the dunes, and I chase him around! He's always collecting bits and bobs like sticks, leaves, feathers and anything that will fit into his pocket!! He likes feeding the red squirrels there in the forest too, and it's lovely inside, so peaceful and magical, we love it! 

I want to recreate the delightful places we often visit together and make a special little book! I want it to be playful and magical. I am considering materials, I want it to be organic in style and pretty to look at. I still want to continue with my current style but push that a little and progress to the next step, I may do this by introducing a 3D aspect as I usually only work in 2D.

Hattie Newman's work which I discovered today is relevant to my research and very inspiring.

Above is my favourite piece of work. I love the cardboard material used and it has a sense of magic about the piece. It looks festive!

I just love the little houses! There is a real sense of magic captured, quite naive pieces but very sophisticated. Makes me feel like a child at christmas again! I want to capture this feeling in my publication and display the naivety and innocence that my son has, I want to create from his perspective.

I'm really inspired by this artist, I hope you have enjoyed my find!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Some of my old work!

I have decided to display some of my previous work, I hope you like!

These two pieces were for a book cover. The book was entitled 'Nights at the Circus' by Angela Carter.
I used a mixture of collage, photocopy and print making. I made these in my first year at college four years ago!

Above is the title page.

Another college project (at ND level): to reinvent 'Old Spice'. We were asked to design three posters that linked, and made 'Old Spice' appealing again! I decided to link mine with words that tell a very short story. All the type and imagery I hand-cut using a scalpel, the background is ink.

This project was to design a poster for an arts festival in Liverpool. I researched Liverpool, I visited it and found it very industrialised hence my choice of medium, (lead pencil) the bursts of colour represent the hope for Liverpool as things improve with all the redevelopments that seemed to be taking place.

For 'Counter' project we had to design a magazine cover with contents page and editorial, it had to be in the style of a guest editor..I chose Luke Best. 
The front cover below displays the ends of colouring pencils. It's fun and playful. 

I really struggled with type at this stage and I had just started  studying ND Graphic design at college when I made these pieces, so it was all new to me. I have learnt a lot and my style has progressed now. I have more old work to upload which I will do very soon.

Gawsworth Hall Craft Fair

I recently visited Gawsworth Hall to browse the craft fair, it was good fun! We took part in some archery and done a spot of wine tasting!!! 

There was one particular stall that I loved, it caught my eye and I just wanted to buy everything!! The lady was selling hand made cups, plates, bowls and other cute little pieces that she had made. Her name is Karin Findell.

Too cute!
I really want to experiment with pottery myself, I've been interested for a long time this space!!

The outside of Gawsworth Hall is beautiful, the pink and red roses in the small pretty garden reminded me of 'Alice in Wonderland'. I appreciated looking at the outside of the house with it's tudor beams, and little details on the doors and windows. I peeked in the back window and I just couldn't help myself, I had to go in!

Inside was many beautiful rooms, so luxurious, so much detail. I stood looking at the huge chandelier in the hallway just amazed! The rooms were so pretty with delicate fabrics and ornate furniture. One room had a dressing table displayed with antique hair brushes and hand-held mirrors. It was lovely, I was in my element! 
I did take pictures, however the lady told me I was not allowed as they had to protect the fabric designs so unfortunately I can not display on here, but I think you need to go there to really appreciate it anyway.