Monday, 2 April 2012

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Fair London

Whilst we were in London 'Pick Me Up' was on! They showcased the best contemporary artist's from the UK and around the world all under one roof, at Somerset House. I really enjoyed looking around, one of my favourites has to be 'Zim and Zou'. They are absolutely amazing! 

Peepshow Collective are one of my favourites, they were exhibiting too. I really loved the prints they had on show.

'Many Hands' were also there, Owen Gildersleeve is part of this collaboration, he creates hand crafted paper creations. I have followed Owen for quite a while, his style really appeals to me!

It really was amazing looking at all the talent that is around and what standards have been set! There was new and fresh idea's everywhere you looked! It's nice to see groups of illustrators that have joined together to make a business, which (with the right people) I think I would quite enjoy! For now it's about pushing my boundaries, making sure my imagery is spot-on and self promotion!

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