Sunday, 1 April 2012

Visit to DDB Advertising Agency

Literally as soon as I arrived at Euston I had to dash to my first meeting with DDB Advertising Agency. Daniel Moorey was the Art Buyer and he had arranged a presentation for our group which was very informative. Daniel spoke to us about how he sources illustrators from books, and how he attends D&AD to see up and coming illustrators. It seemed that photography played a huge part at DDB however they do use illustrators and they do get a lot of illustrators contacting them..competition is fierce! Daniel gave us advice on how to email our work professionally to people in industry, he said to keep the writing minimal and to make sure any emails are not too busy or fussy as they just don't have the time to read them. We were advised to attach a PDF Portfolio accompanied by links to our website and blog. 

Daniel talked about working with illustrators and said to be open to change, and not to be awkward! Daniel gave advice about questions we should ask the client such as:
  • Is the job going to run? i.e. if it's going to run over the world you should expect to get paid a lot more.
  • How long do I have?
  • Usages

Other advice he gave was:
  • Do not start the job until you have the go ahead. Daniel suggested asking for confirmation of this so they can't change their mind. Otherwise you could end up spending time doing work and then if the client goes with someone else you have wasted your time and this costs you money.
  • Agree costs first before starting the job.
  • Send roughs and colour palette to client. This way any changes can be made earlier ensuring the client will end up with what they want.

Unfortunately Daniel didn't have time to view our portfolio's which was a shame but the meeting and his advice was useful. 


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