Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bug Project for The Manchester Museum

We recently visited The Manchester Museum and was briefed on our new project. The museum are holding an event on Saturday 28th January where our work will be on display and there will be activities for children to enjoy.

The brief was to illustrate bugs for children. We were asked to create an A2 poster correctly illustrating our chosen bug, for educational purposes. We were also asked to create an activity surrounding our chosen bug, other options were to create a book or 3D models.  

Before choosing which bug we wanted to illustrate, we were shown the museums amazing bug collection! I fell in love with the butterfly wings! ..But I wasn't keen on the spiders I have to say!

Below are some photo's I took.

Obviously my chosen insect was the butterfly! I chose to work using the same method I had adopted for other briefs. I found this brief challenging because we are trying to educate children and so the insects had to be atomically correct, which made me feel a little restricted. Also I was trying to show the life cycle of a butterfly, and so instead of cutting out a million butterflies and suspending them and photographing them..(which is what I would of loved to do!!)..I had to make sure I had things in the right place and it was starting to feel more like a diagram. However, I did my best and I have my poster!

For my activity I am creating butterfly masks that can be cut out, and decorated with bits n bobs such as sequins and other nice things! 



  1. I could choose to fit the canvas print that I was ordering from to the pattern and color of the wallpaper in my living room. I could search for artwork by subject matter and even predominant colors. Then I customized the frame online because the site allowed me to match the frame style with different wallpapers, one of which looked like ours.
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