Thursday, 15 December 2011

Rob Ryan

I love this new and exciting piece of work by Rob Ryan. He has deigned a window display for Coutts Bank, it is on display right opposite Charing Cross train station in London. 

Rob Ryan is raising money for an organisation called Kids Company. Incorporated into his design are items such as a stuffed elephant, a dolls house and a rocking horse which will be auctioned off to raise money.

I am really growing fond of this large scale work I see becoming more and more popular. It makes it feel more like you are having an experience viewing it, rather than just looking at something on a piece of paper. I would imagine the design has been laser cut which I have experimented with for my Zine Brief, but I would like to expand on this and experiment further. I will be taking part in a workshop in Manchester to learn skills in the very near future!

I am realising that many artists that work with paper as their main medium tend to do installation work, and I am really keen to try this. I take photos of my paper cutouts but you can not quite capture the magic as much in a photo, it is totally different when you are in the studio with the lights off and it's lit up, there's something nice about it, something nostalgic. Having the freedom to move around and view the piece from different angles gives it a whole different aspect.

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