Sunday, 18 December 2011

Visit from Craig Oldham: Music Design Agency

 At the beginning of November we had we had a visiting lecture from Craig Oldham, who works for a design agency called MUSIC.

Craig was a very entertaining guy and I loved his enthusiasm, it was really nice to see a genuine down to earth person from industry, (as I've previously found some people a bit pretentious)!! During his visit he spoke mainly about the relationship between art directors and illustrators. 

Craig went through 3 or 4 projects that MUSIC have completed working with illustrators, and explained in some detail about these jobs. He spoke about the difficulties he has faced when illustrators do not get it quite right, and so he would have to look around for someone else to finish the job. He spoke about managing his budget, and said he still had to pay illustrators even if he didn't end up using their work. He spoke from his point of view, and it seemed like his job could be frustrating at times. He explained that it's hard to find us (illustrators), and advised us to have websites and do as much self-promotion as possible. However, you could sense his excitement when he was talking about successful projects, and working with compatible illustrators. He clearly has respect for illustrators, which was apparent when he was speaking about them. 

One project that Music completed was 'The Big Four'. These were a set of posters promoting Manchester City Football Club.

Craig gave us advise about negotiating money when we are working, and told us to ask what the budget is. Other advise he gave was to make sure that any e-mails we send to people within industry, are personal and to not send generic e-mails. Always address who you are talking to by their name, otherwise they most probably will not respond! 

This was a very interesting and eye-opening talk!

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