Sunday, 18 December 2011

Creative Reviews

We have been meeting up as a group and discussing and sharing any books, films, exhibitions and articles that we have found interesting.

A book I started reading was 'Murderers I Have Known', by Marina Warner. It's an enchanting book with different stories in it. It's descriptive and you can almost see what you are reading. I  have yet to finish this book!   

I picked up a lovely book from a stall in Manchester when I was on my way to the German Market! It is called 'The Book of Lost Things', By John Connolly. It's no wonder I was drawn to this book as it is illustrated by Rob Ryan (one of my favourites)!! It's about a young boy who loses his mother and turns to his books on his shelf for comfort. The real world and the fantasy world begin to mix. I am still currently reading this book and really enjoying it, it's a pleasant read.

As a mum I tend to watch a lot of the new kids films that come out, and if I'm honest, I quite enjoy it! I bought my son a film by Tim Burton called 'Coraline'. One of his favourites (and mine) is 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', also by Tim Burton, so I knew we would both like this! Coraline is enchanting, and it's amazing to think that someone has painstakingly made every detail by hand. Really takes you back to childhood. Tim Burtons films are quite dark but I still get a warm feeling inside when I watch them. He's a really talented guy.

I recently watched 'Schindlers List' prior to my trip to Poland. I have seen this film before and I'm sure most people have. It's a timeless, very moving, classic. I recommend anyone that has not seen this film to do so. It opens up your eyes. Very tragic and hard to watch at times, but it's a must-see.

I found an article in 'Creative Review' magazine about an exhibition called 'Lost in Lace'. It is currently still open at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. There are a collection of artists work at this exhibition which features large scale, theatrical and visually spectacular work. Some of the work even expands out into public areas, the perceptions of lace are really being challenged and the artists are pushing boundaries.

I have been reading a few articles about digital work versus hand-made, along with digital artists trying to make their work look handmade by adding textures. Here's a link to a really interesting article about this topic which I found really interesting and agree with most points raised

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